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Money donated on the link below will go twards the Title Challenge portion of Crossroads. You can donate whatever amount you want. The more money we get here, the more we can offer as prize money!


Sponsorship Levels

We can't acheive our goals without help. We need to get rooms for all of the Agritainers coming to Van Horn, and be able to cover expenses in getting them into schools around the country. We would also like to be able to raise prize money for the Title Challenge and provide rooms for student coming into town with their agriculturial displays!

Below you will find our various levels of sponsorship and what they entail. The buttons below will take you to the correct Pay-Pal page for that level of sponsorship. If you want to sponsor a particular agritainer or agritainers to appear at your school or event, please
contact us. For sponsorships in the Garrett category, please contact Evelyn Roper.
If you would like your donation going for prize money for the Title Challenge portion, you may pick your own amount at the link to the left!

You can also support Agritainers and TXCG by  buying your cowboy books, cd's and dvd's from our Amazon sales page. We thank you for your support!

Hole in the Wall(et) ($20)Texas Crossroads bumper sticker & listed in Crossroads Program.

For A Few Dollars More ($40) bumper sticker, ticket for dinner show, ticket for finals show/dance, and listed in Crossroads Program.

Fist Full of Dollars ($75) Crossroads bumper sticker, Crossroads T-shirt, two finals show tickets, banner ad on sponsor page business card size ad in Crossroads Program.

The Maverick ($100) Crossroads Bumper sticker, Crossroads T-shirt, two dinner show tickets, two finals show tickets and ¼ page ad in the Crossroads Program.

True Grit ($200) Crossroads bumper sticker, banner link on Crossroads Sponsor page, ½ page ad in Crossroads program, 2 tickets to dinner show & 2 tickets to finals show.

The Rancher ($500) Crossroads Bumper sticker, Banner link on Crossroads Sponsor page ½ page ad in Crossroads Program, 10 X 10 booth, 4 tickets to Dinner show (seated with agritainers) , 4 tickets to Crossroads Dance

Silver Saddle ($1,000) Crossroads Bumper sticker, 4 dinner show tickets, 4 finals show/dance tickets, banner ad on sponsor page, full page ad in Crossroads Program, on air advertisement during Crossroads Show (and subsequent You Tube video) and group photo with entertainers.

The Garrett ($1500 and up) Crossroads bumper sticker, 6 passes to both the dinner show and finals show, On stage banner during Crossroads, banner ad on sponsor page, ad in left hand column of three pages on crossroads site, full page ad in Crossroads program, on air mention during live stream broadcast (and subsequent You-Tube video) and group photo with entertainers. To donate at this level, please contact Evelyn Roper.

Whitten Inn will be the official lodging for our entertainers! To make reservations call 1.855.264.1858

Van Horn Cattle Company will be the location for the no host mixer and jam session on May 17, 2013.This is open to the public! Anyone wanting to play is encouraged to do so. Don't play? Just bring your ears, settle back with a couple of beers and enjoy a real old time cowboy jam session!

The Van Horn Koa will be the location for our first ever cowboy camp. This will be a "dry camp" just like cowboys do working out in the desert and cooking with their dutch ovens. Come and spend the weekend cooking without the stress of competetion, and swap recipes! There is a stage next to this area with all day jam sessions going on both Friday and Saturday! Remember all you have to do to participate in our jams is show up with your instrument!

Make your reservations now for only $10 a night!
The El Capitan will be the location for our Friday night Jam session beginning at 9 pm right after the dinner show! The Crossroads jams are becoming legendary for not only the quality of entertainers showing up, but also for the hospitality and letting everyone take a turn! The ambiance of the historic El Capitan just adds that much more to the experience! Make your reservation today for the Crossroads Gathering or if you are planning on passing through before then by visiting their website or calling (877) 283-1220