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We don't charge an entry fee, but anyone can donate any amount for a prize to the Title Challenge  of Crossroads by cliciking on the link below!

Break out your dutch ovens and make your reserva for the 2012 Crossroads Co Camp - Only $30 for all three nights!

The 2013 Gathering, Van Horn Texas
March 28 thru 31st
Benson, Arizona

The 2012 Crossroads gathering showed us that while there is a lot of agritainer support, we just do not have the local support for the event in to be beneficial to the performers.. After searching various options, we have decided to move the Crossroads Gathering to Benson, Arizona. This move should be helpful as it will only be 45 minutes from Tuscon.

For those of you not familiar with our format it is a "bit" different, but if you are wondering if it is worth it or not, check with one of the agritainers making repeat visits to Crossroads!

  1. No formal application,waiting or politics to worry about, just fill out the form below and you are in! (we are limited to 40 acts, but if we are filled, you are still welcome to join in the open jams and still sell your cd's and books!)
  2. Top 5 performers from music and poems/storytelling will appear in the finals show on Saturday night. We are working on getting other gatherings to hire from our pool of talent, and hopefully we will get some of the Arizona event to participate.
  3. Judges consist of a poet, singer and non-performer Gary Fuentes who judges from the standpoint of an audience member. We strive not only for fairness, but also to let performers know where they can improve (For instance last year two performers were holding the mics at stomach level or standing a foot away from the mic and couldn't be heard)
  4. We strive to create an atmosphere of no politics. Last year was our 4th year and we had agritainers who have made it for 3 out of 4 years. This group of people network and have actually gotten gigs for other agritainers.
  5. EVERYONE can sell their cd's and books. If you don't sign up to perform but want to hit the open jam sessions, you can still sell them out of hand!
  6. The only ticketed session we are having this year is the finals show and dance. ALL proceeds from this show & dance will be donated to the Benson county FFA to help the kids in their agricultural endeavors.
  7. Open jam sessions on Thursday and Friday night are just that, open to anyone showing up wanting to do a song, poem or story. These jams are also open to anyone wanting to just listen and give you an opportunity to sell your cd's or books and build a fan base.
 Be sure to read our mission statement and bylaws to see what we are about!

To perform at Crossroads, you don't have to fill out an application and wait to see if you are accepted or not. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

One of the fun things at Crossroads that tests the creativity of all agritainers is our Title Challenge. The agritainers wanting to participate in this all write a poem, song, or story with the same title and perform it at Crossroads. Absolutely amazing the wide range of material that comes from the same title!We take donations to raise money for this event which goes to the winner. This year's title should be especially fun as the title is "Under the Rimrock."

The 2013 gathering will be held in conjunction with the winter series finals of the  Southwest Ranch Roping Association on Easter weekend. Jj Kartcher will be hosting us at the River Basin Ranch where the roping will occur. She is in the process of working on fitting in a jackpot ranch roping so the ropers in our group of agritainers will get a chance to rope as well.

J.j Kartchner of the River Bend Ranch is helping us with PR and getting (at the least) discounted rooms. Currently she has a block of 30 rooms set aside for us at the Days Inn in Benson (
520-586-3000) When you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with the code to get the discount.

 As we are going to a new location, and are short on time, we will be replacing the dinner show with an open jam session and donating the money from the dance to the Benson FFA.
The judges this year will be
Gary Fuentes, from Van Horn, Texas, judging from an audience member's perspective.
Dave P. Fisher, from Sea Tac, Washington will be judging from a poets perspective. This will be his third time participating in Crossroads.
  Terry Holder, from Pecos, Texas will be judging from a singer's perspective. Terry has appeared on the Crossroads stage for two years, and will also be donating his time to play for the dance.
Kathy Fisher is coming with Dave from Sea Tac to act as Baliff and score keeper.
If you would like to perform at Crossroads, just fill out the form below.
  1.  Buck Helton is making his 4th appearance at Crossroads! Buck is not only our emcee, but he was the very first person to ever sign up for Crossroads and is making this his 4th trip to Crossroads!
  2. Tony Argento is back from Reno, Nevada, for the 4th time with his special brand of "tuned up and twisted" cowboy poetry.
  3. Harold Roy Miller is also coming back to Crossroads for the 4th time from Stagecoach, Nevada.
  4. Evelyn Roper is also making a 4th trip to Crossroads from Hotchkiss, Colorado. This gal write a song and belt it out!
  5. William Shaw is another Arizona Cowboy poet who will be making his second appearance at Crossroads.
  6. Dennis Knill is a cowboy singer out of Apache Junction, Arizona.
  7. Will Merrit is another cowboy singer from Arizona
  8.  Broken Chair Band is made up of Todd, Melinda and Dani Sue raise 'natural' Angus beef at their ranch at the base of the Superstition Mountains in Queen Valley. Making their second appearance and last year's song title challenge winners, they look forward to the new location in AZ!
  9. Doug Figgs is a cowboy, farrier and horseman and singer out of New Mexico making his second appearance at Crossroads
  10. Slim Farnsworth is a great cowboy poet from Colorado making his third appearance at Crossroads in 2013
  11. Charlie Ware is another great cowboy poet out of Colorado making his third appearance on the Crossroads stage. 
  12. The Rounders featuring Dennis Knill and Rusty Weiss, both out of Apache, Arizona. If anyone wants a bass backup at Crossroads, be sure to let Rusty know! (He's the one on the left)
  13.  Carol Markstrom is a cowgirl singer who splits her time between Arizona and West Virginia.
  14.   David Dill is a Texas Cowboy poet making his second appearance at Crossroads. He is also going to give lessons on making rope halters, or he can make one up for you on the spot!
  15. Jane Morton is an Arizona cowgirl poet who was raised on a 19,000 acre Colorado ranch.
  16. Dick Morton is Jane's husband who worked on her dad's ranch. They have both performed all over the west!
  17. "Cactus" Mike Mosman is an old desert rat poet and guitar picker out of Texas
  18.  Mountain Saddle Band out of the White Mountains near Sho Lo, Arizona have a sound like the famous Sons Of The Pioneers!
  19. Curly Butts is a Texas Cowboy Poet making his second appearance at Crossroads. With a name like his, he has to have the same sense of humor as a boy named Sue!
  20. Janice Deardorff is a cowgirl singer from Tucson, Arizona.
    She believes that music is a gift from God to be given the listener.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to entertain at Crossroads in 2013!


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